facedness: (we're all just perfect little satellites)
anonpoint: defaults to current with canon in a not-dead AU.
favorite threads: healthy friendships, healthy teamwork, healthy romance.
nos: kinks on the below no list, extreme violence/torture/death, dub/non-con (not just sex - see below), exclusively negative CR, unexamined bigotry, actual Hydra-supportive behavior.

age: defaults to late 20s.
shipping: permissions/kinks here. Functtional lesbian, fairly subby, open to smut; favors Bobbi, Daisy, and Raina for canon ships.
cultural background: mixed Sri Lankan/Greek American, not at all religious.
demeanor: somewhat nervous, eager to please, prone to intense anger.
mental health: PTSD, anxiety, identity issues to spare; recovering psychological, sexual, and physical abuse and brainwashing victim.
physical health: fairly fit but not at all at home in her own body, also the left side of her face is burn-scarred and disguised with a nanomask.
aesthetic: Free People lazy femme.
facedness: (you're so worried about the maiden)
Short version:
  • Kinsey 5 (bisexual with female preference also informed by a strong distrust of most men).
  • Kinky only with a great deal of trust involved and a switch tending toward sub.
  • As shipping goes: yes to Bobbi, yes to Raina, I'm open let's talk regarding most other MCU women, I wouldn't be opposed to the current male Avengers lineup (Steve, Sam, Rhodey), sure of course why not! with Trip because he is a true knight, almost certainly no to most other MCU guys, absolutely fucking none of that bullshit as far as Grant Ward goes because Kara is a sweet princess who deserved better and I have no interest in Hydra trash parties.


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