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Name:Kara Lynn Palamas
Birthdate:Mar 7

kara lynn palamas (agent 33)

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once a skilled agent of SHIELD, a bit bookish and cultured as well as capable of handling herself in a fight, things took a turn for the worse for Kara, as for many agents, when the agency collapsed. now she's in recovery for being kidnapped, brainwashed, erased, injured, coerced, abused in just about every way, manipulated, gaslit, nearly murdered... and it's not as if she has any reason to trust the new SHIELD to any degree, but it's better the agency you know than the rest of the world you don't.

Kara is the property of Stan Lee et al plus Joss & Jed & Mo & co., and Maya Stojan is the property of herself. default canonpoint is the above canon-current AU.
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